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Ignatius J._Reilly philosopher chef ( on 12/4/2017 - 11:31 a.m. says: ( 20 views )

"Bama Wins The Eye Test, Which Is Partly Speculative"

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you really think OSU, Wisconsin, etal deserved to be in over bama?

Remove your orange and blue shades their preacher.... Ohios State and Wisconsin would get skulled #badword#ed by the 4 playoff teams... granted, Iowa at home is a tough out, but I think we would have held our defict against the Hawkeyes, to under 31 points..==============================

Both OSU and Wisconsin accomplished more in the regular season, which is less speculative. Badgers won more games than Bama, won a Power 5 division, and had the same record as Bama against the vaunted FPI top 40.* Like Bama, Wisconsin's only loss was to a top 10 CFP ranked team. In that loss, Whiskey played the more competitive game.

OSU is a power 5 conference champion with more impressive wins than Bama.

So, you are in because of Iowa and informed speculation about things that have not actually occurred. Congratulations.

May Clemson beat you like you stole something.

*As soon as ESPN put up the graphic that had the "record against FPI top 40" component during the big show yesterday, prior to the announcement, I knew Bama was in.




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