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Ignatius J._Reilly philosopher chef ( on 12/4/2017 - 8:25 a.m. says: ( 44 views , 25 likes )

"Hepcat Poast"

Jimmy was a prince of a guy. I was fortunate enough to share some time with him at the Star Bar in Atlanta, home to its rockabilly scene. Hep was a superstar at that place. He introduced me to his friends in various bands who played there and absolutely refused to allow me to buy a single drink.

He also has a pre SECCG party at his downtown ATL condo for Board folks and other friends in 2004. The central piece of art in that space was a large, framed print of Johnny Cash telling the prison population in Folsom that Bammer is #1. He loved that photo, and so do I.

A couple of times, a few years back while the sledding was a bit rough for me, Jimmy called me out the blue to check in. He had no great insights or advice: he just let me know he was around and was thinking about me. At the time, it meant a great deal, and, right now, thinking about it makes it hard to see my keyboard.

I made a smartassed comment the other day about embracing joy in the context of AU fans rushing the field after the Iron Bowl. In an important sense, however, I meant it very seriously. I think there is a shortage of joy and gratitude in our society today, even (and especially) among folks who should know better. I see it here all the time and am a solid contributor to the sorry state of affairs. We'd all be better off  in my view if we would focus on and acknowledge the people, the activities, the moments, the opportunities for which we should be grateful. We should also worry less about what other people have, do, think, and say. But that is another poast for another day. Jimmy was pretty good at that sort of thing, too.

I am grateful for this silly internet site, because it veered my path across the path of Jimmy Wiggins. And I am even more grateful to have known Jimmy, whose kindness, generosity, and good humor were always right in front of you.

War Eagle, Hepcat!

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