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Ignatius J._Reilly philosopher chef ( on 12/4/2017 - 5:51 p.m. says: ( 16 views , 1 likes )

"I Know You Like Sagarin Because It Has Bama At No. 1"

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Jeff Sargin analytics had WI # 7.... they opened with Utah State, FAU, and

BYU....their best win was over an average Michigan team... OSU out of discussion the second the Iowa 31 point loss was over..==============================

Sagarin is score-based, so Bama is still benefiting from beating Vandy/OleMiss Commodesharks 125-3 over two months ago. I would argue overly so. Lopsided scores also figure into the "eye test." Still, if we want to use Sagarin, we can and the pro-Wisconsin argument is not that far fetched. Wisconsin and Bama have identical records against the Sagarin top 10 and top 30. Whiskey's overall strength of schedule is better than Bama's per Sagarin. So, the Badgers won more games against a tougher overall schedule, won their Power 5 conference division, and their single loss to a top 10 team was more competitive than Bama's. Oh yeah, that team, Ohio State, is ranked higher than Auburn in the Sagarin analytics to which you are so devoted.

But, yeah, everybody knows the Badgers would just get skull dragged. No, some folks are guessing that would be the case. So you should probably remove your Crimson lensed glasses as well. It is isn't that clear. And Wisconsin has the second best argument in the Big 10.


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