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Tiger Jack ( on 12/13/2008 - 11:00 p.m. says: ( 783 views , 2 likes )

"All To Prevent A Black Head Coach Of Auburn...."


There. I have said it. And, I believe it.

Bobby Lowder did not want a black head coach of Auburn.

Jacobs is an errand boy. Does anyone truly think this was a Jacobs hire? Please.

Auburn has been radioactive in the coaching fraternity since Jetgate of 2003, and it was made worse with the payback firing of Coach Tuberville this year. In fact, the firing of Coach Tuberville only confirmed the hand of Lowder in Jetgatte (notwithstanding the use of his plane for that trip).

Fact is, we couldn't even get Tier 2 coaches to give us a look.

We couldn't even get coordinators to give us a look.

It came down to Turner Gill and Gene Chizik.

To prevent an inevitable rise in the Gill movement, Lowder panicked and hired Chizik.

Yes, there were questions with Gill. Could he be a winning head coach in a major conference? Could he recruit in the SEC?

But, there are no questions with Chizik. He is a proven loser.tions with Chizik. He is a proven loser.


"In the end, sources close to the search say, the two finalists were Chizik and Buffalo coach Turner Gill. And the nod, at least for now, has gone to Chizik. Itís unfortunate because Auburn had an opportunity to make a statement, to turn the negativity surrounding the departure of Tommy Tuberville after 10 seasons into something very positive. Alabama had a similar opportunity, chose Mike Shula over Sly Croom, and paid the price." -- Philip Marshall, December 13, 2008.

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