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chemosabe anonymous snipe artist ( on 10/2/2017 - 11:41 a.m. says: ( 44 views , 13 likes )

"Lack thereof? That is absurd"

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Is anyone going to call this administration out for the Puerto Rico response?

or lack thereof? One of my good AU Fisheries School buddies is from Puerto Rico. His family made it through the storm, but his description of the current state of things is a "living hell". This is making the Fed response to Katrina look excellent in comparison. Then you've got our current moron POTUS lashing out on Twitter to local officials while US citizens are suffering.==============================

We have sent massive amounts of aid there, and this after the third major hurricane in 5 weeks.

There are aid supplies lined up on the docks as we speak, the problem is getting it OUT of San Juan. Apparently, the Teamsters are the only ones allowed to drive it under the rules there. Only 20% of them have shown up. The roads are atrocious as well..even after clearing the debris. The Mayor of San Juan has not even bothered to show up at any of the FEMA meetings she was asked to go to, she instead decided to go for photo-ops of her "helping"

As for power and water..can't have running water without power. PR's electric grid infrastructure is 40 years out of date. It is not a matter of just repairing it as we did in Florida and Texas, it is a matter of REBUILDING a modern one, almost from scratch. Can't pin that on Trump.

PR is suffering from a natural disaster but the relief effort is being hindered by generations of neglect both by their local politicians and by the feds. It was a massive disaster complicated by years of corruption and neglect.

We have a massive relief effort going on there..bigger than any the US has ever made. Nothing will happen overnight and it is insane to think it would. Saying "lack of response" is insulting to the tens of thousands, many of whom are my friends, that went there post Maria to help.

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