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Ignatius J._Reilly philosopher chef ( on 10/2/2017 - 11:06 a.m. says: ( 22 views , 7 likes )

"RE: I thought we did that last game? "

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I thought we did that last game? *


We started Golson at RT against Mizzou and Prince started at LT. For Miss. State, Golson started at LT, and James started at RT again. Dunn played center both games. James was in some specialty sets against Mizzou when the game was in doubt in the first half. Prince played some against State. Prince has big upside, I think. He is just too green right now.

But you are missing the point. The only reason we beat Mizzou is because they suck. In the TIXiverse pre-September 23, that was our only possible SEC win. Now that we've doubled TIX's projected win total in conference, the reason for that is an O-Line tweak in which I am sure Gus had no part and Miss State sucked more than TIX thought because LSU now sucks at levels approaching Lounginess. Now, if we win next week, it will be because Ole Miss sucks due to their Freeze problems, Bammer beatdown, and general principles. If we then win in Baton Rouge, well, we've established why that will happen. Arky and TAMU also will clearly suck, if we beat them.

Should we get to UGA undefeated in conference and win, it will be because of luck and because Gus will have disconnected his headset and stopped attending practice. If by chance we run the table to the SECCG, then rinse and repeat UGA logic and add that reverse mojo.

If AU loses any of these games, it will be because of Gus and TIX SO TOLD YOU SO.

No matter what happens, however, TIX will be correct by the only standard that counts to him.


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