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ovar anonymous snipe artist ( on 9/24/2017 - 11:53 p.m. says: ( 34 views , 6 likes )

"Couple of thoughts on the whole thing..."

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just throwin' this out there

the guys who kneel know it puts their careers in jeopardy and they're doing it in public, often in front of vitriolic objection. they're taking a personal risk. it doesn't fit the conventional definition of brave, but its certainly not cowardice.

compare their silent sign of dissatisfaction with the loudmouth lies we hear from both sides of conventional political debate.==============================

I think the protest is very effective at drawing attention. It is however, not producing measurable or obvious results. I do not know how Kapernick or any others will be able to say "OK they are listening and we are getting results." I don't think KK or anyone else that is a part of the movement can quantify what result they are looking for. I am unsure what group is supposed to respond to the protest. Cops are not going to stop in the middle of an encounter and think "what would Kapernick have me do?" I hope no juror would ask that question either.

Additionally the BLM group continues to hurt their own cause by failing to differentiate between cases. Protesting and rioting where the victim was a legitimate criminal that escalated an encounter to the point that force was warranted shows them to be unconcerned with the truth. Crying wolf too often will cause people to tune you out. Crying wolf while rioting will cause people to oppose you. 

All of this calls to mind a bit of wisdom from the movie Silkwood. Kurt Russell's character tells Silkwood "You can't stand toe to toe calling each other MFer and expect to get anywhere." We have too many people yelling and not enough talking calmly about the issues. I think everyone would agree we want no part of rogue cops. Cops ought to cull the bad ones themselves and stop covering for them no matter what color they are or their victims are. 

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