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IBleedMaroonDawg anonymous snipe artist ( on 9/24/2017 - 3:45 p.m. says: ( 38 views , 7 likes )

"RE: Seems the NFL players are determined to kill the golden egg laying goose."

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Seems the NFL players are determined to kill the golden egg laying goose.

NFL has jumped the shark.==============================

They are 17ing BALL PLAYERS!

This country made pro athletes into demi-gods when most of them are stupid as #badword#.

Same thing goes for film and music stars.  Most of them are treated like royalty and dumb as a 17ing rock.

Why are people even listening?  When I was a kid astronaut and research scientists were the heroes.  Now it is morons on the pedestal.  

As far as Trump goes, they are just protesting themselves for letting a clown get elected with their own superiority complex by putting up the most corrupt and divisive candidate they had for President.  If they wanted to have a woman elected, they had better candidates.
And the Republicans shot themselves in the ass as well by having too many choices and not picking one person to beat Trump.

We are a country of morons and today's protests are an example because they will not solve a damned thing.

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