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"Boy Of Bear Appointed Me WHAB Crimson Tide Historian & I Must Fulfill My Duty"

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Today's tidbit is inspired by looking at the SEC stat sheet.  As you may be aware, Jalen Hurts, Bama's omni-threat QB, ranks 4th in the SEC in rushing with 104 yards per game and a gaudy 8+ yards per tote average.That's strong. 

The last time the Tide had a running threat like this at the controls of the offense was 1971, when the Bahr secretly switched to the wishbone in fall practice. The triple option was a natural fit for an unknown and untested, but courageous, Tide QB, Freddie Kitchens. Kitchens' keepers thrilled the Tide faithful as he rushed for 1683 yards and 36 TDs for the unstoppable Crimson attack, which went undefeated before losing in the Orange Bowl to Nebraska's, erm, diverse offensive machine. Notable was Kitchens' 242 yard effort for 11 TDs in the first half of the Va. Tech game, with the Tide ultimately prevailing 148-0.

Bryant was unusually effusive about his triple option trigger man: "Freddie looks fat out there but he has surprising quickness to go with his pluck, grit, and decision making. If he'd been in the game in the second half against VPI, we'd a made that 2-point conversion for an even 150. Bingo! This Dickel is strong but a goodie! [unintelligible]. Plus, all that insulation allows him to take  the hits a wishbone quarback has to take. He's one of the finest boys to ever receive a handshake from a Red Elephant Club member and his Momma and Diddy are fine people who don't talk a lot."

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