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Caveman anonymous snipe artist ( on 9/17/2017 - 12:47 p.m. says: ( 39 views , 7 likes )

"America Hell Yes!"

My best friend from the 1987 Track team came to Auburn from Nigeria where he works in international agriculture. His wife who is from the Philippines and just got her US residency status came with him. She had seen football on TV some but had never experienced a college game day. Her eldest son Anderson became obsessed with Aubie and T spent most of the day chasing Aubie. It is always eye-opening when people come to America and are simply in awe. There was probably more toilet paper in the trees of Auburn last night than the whole country of Nigeria, Power? it may work it may not. Water from a water fountain is okay t drink. She cheered every play. I came away with a great appreciation of all things Auburn and if my day is upset because Auburn's offense ain't firing on all cylinders my life is pretty damn awesome. War Eagle It's Great To Be An Auburn Tiger. War Eagle! Bamma Sucks!
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"We are not human beings on a spiritual journey we are spiritual beings on a human journey" Tom Ryan Head Wrestling Coach The Ohio State university

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