Congrats to "tigertad" who picked 9 games correctly and took home a cool 531 DuckBucks. "AUSemperFI" managed to pick 12 games correctly. Had he not be showing his ass Eagle Globe and Anchor all week, he might have done better. "ovar" wins this week's booby prize. "the_phenomenon" wins this week's IJR award, the much coveted IJR award by correctly picking 10 games, but still losing money. Also "Intimgator" is due to be zeroed out. And "Mark J Daniels, Jr." once again tried to bet more than he has, thereby pissing us off again. We will hand adjust both players totals when the weekday staff comes in. Overall "Hungryneck" has a commanding lead. "Aubiece" remains in the cellar. But not for long cause "Intimigator" is moving in. WE WILL HAVE A THURSDAY GAME. So look alive. And EDIT YOUR PICKS>