Proflies In Treachery Part Deaux

Greetings, suckers, er players. It is time for the periodic reminder that we are watching you. Yes, the Pick Em Guys have certain moles who seem to be able to be able to do their jobs well, unlike our weekend staff whose turnover rate is nearly as high as the subprime foreclosure rate (memo to selves: discuss securitization of offshore employment contracts with Cayman Islands merchant bankers on next visit to independent contractors). They have advised us that many of you are not heeding the "long and strong" credo. We feel that this is because some of you viewed our directions as merely advisory -- sort of like a stop sign in a third world country. Our intention was more toward the imperative, however, so we once again have to identify some of the more egregious examples of betting against the team our players claim to "support." It is old home week of sorts on the Mudduck this weekend. We have the Tigers playing the Vols, whose vttw fans have terminated the Mudduck lease and moved into fancy new digs of their own (We are investigating whether their new mortgage soon will be assumed by the taxpayer. Our assumption is that it is another subprime fiasco. We are again thankful for our current tax sheltered domicile in the Turks and Caicos, but we digress). Across the Mudduck, we have the Gators taking on Ole Miss, whose Mudduck posters have squatted on the WHAB since late 1998. The things that wouldn't leave. And it is not just that they won't leave. It is the way that they won't leave. One would think that these matchups would fuel that kind of institutional loyalty that backs the long and strong ethic. Unfortunately, closer scrutiny again reveals that the love of duckbucks is the root of adulterous picking. Some prime examples: VOLMAN, whose all caps moniker reminds us that BIGJOE REALLY DID PICK THE TIDE AND GAVE THE POINTS AGAINST WKU A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO AND THEN KEPT THE DUCKBUCKS WHEN HE WON, has picked Auburn over his Vols. And he is giving points to be disloyal as well. The Gators are sailing along toward perfection and shall attain it, if the tone on the VS is any guide. Those giggles you hear this morning are the girlish ones of Gators making plans for the BCS championship game, now that the Trojans have been dammed up by the Beavers. But when no one is watching (or so you thought), Gator stalwarts like wtaer lizard, GatorPhil, CapitalGator, and the phenomenon have their duckbucks in the Rebel camp. Walking the walk is optional equipment for these Boys from Florida, apparently. We are happy to report that RT is again righteous after betting betting on the Croom Bulldogs and the Les Miles Daredevil Review against his alma mater the last two weeks. We are pleased to see him back in the long and strong fold and will be praying for forgiveness for his earlier transgressions. The power of redemption is strong, but it must be actively sought. Another who seems to have lost his way: MIA UTiger is at least AWOL after his bet for Bama against Georgia. Indirect treachery is worse than a straight play on the Vols. We are beginning to believe that many of you are not paying attention. But we are. Long and strong, folks. Are you listening?