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Wayne ( on 2/17/2011 - 9:27 a.m. says: ( 68 views , 4 likes )

"Not really relevant . . . "


The national media is now taking shots at this rivalry.  And I see comments below about us stopping it for 40 years.  All that is completely wrong.  This rivalry is actually very respectful and cordial.  When I  have gone to Ttown for games, see Bama grads, or have semi-official dealings with them . . . even see their fans day to day . . . This is the work of one idiot.  One idiot will not define this rivalry for me.  Bama sucks.  Hope they never win another athletic event . . . but some of this stuff posted below (not your post) is a bit hysterical.  99.99% of Bammer fans, SEC fans and alums find this disgusting . . .  There is no need for us to try to rationalize grass or stickers or a jersy.  This act is criminal and irrational and an isolated, rare event.  Let's not let some idiot define us.


define us.


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