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"Great Balls of my best Goose voice..."

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I have waited for this day since brother oliver took our playbook to turdtown in '71 and beat SUlly and Beasley.  I waited since the blocked punts, since going to sleep after the 1984 Sugar Bowl expecting to wake up as National Champs only to be disappointed by the media, since the earthquake game, since the '93 team that could have beaten anyone, and since the '04 team and perhaps the worst treatement a great college team was ever given.

How great is this.  I'll tell you no one on the northeast side of Enterprise is asleep.  I won't let them sleep.  A well conditioned Rebel Yell reaches for miles and it has over the last hour.

How great is it that Mike Dyer was the offensive MVP? Cam played great but this win wasn't about Cam.  It was about a bunch of kids and a bunch of coaches who refused to lose.  Thank you Coach C, Cam, Nick, Coach Gus, Coach Roof, Coach Rock (how great would it be to be known as Coach Rock for the rest of your life) TZach, Michael and all the rest.  What a season.

It's always great to be an Auburn Tiger, but tonight, tonight, how special is this night.  My 11 and 9 year old girls stayed up with me to watch it, and stood on the front steps while I woke up the neighborhood.  This night will live for 80 years just in their minds.

War Eagle, War Damn Eagle, It's great to be an Auburn just won't ever get any better than this. 

Like many of you I've waited a lifetime and now it's here.  God Bless Coach Jordan, Coach Dye, the dwarf and Coach Tubs.  Even Doug Barfield was part of what led to this night.  God Bless everyone who ever loved Auburn and helped lead to this night.

I will never get to sleep so I better stop drinking.  War Eagle.




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