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Delete it if anyone complains...they moved it after it was initially posted. Columnist writer Thayer Evans published a story today

alleging Auburn quarterback Cameron Newton "had three different

instances of academic cheating while attending the University of


According to Evans, "Newton was to appear for a

hearing in front of Florida's Student Conduct Committee during the

spring semester of 2009 but instead transferred to Blinn College. The

committee could have levied sanctions against Newton that included

suspension and expulsion from the university."

Alleged wrongdoings by Cameron Newton while at Florida was never sent to the Florida Student Conduct Committee.
The story follows several days of editorial attacks on Newton by Evans, a former stringer for the New York Times.


independent sources with detailed knowledge of the UF academic

discipline system during the period in question have disputed the Evans

story. According to the sources, no allegations of academic impropriety

regarding Cam Newton were sent to the Florida Student Conduct Committee

at any time either during or after Newton's time at UF.


was reported, officially or unofficially" says one source, who did not

wish to be identified. "The formal process is for allegations to go

through the Student Conduct Committee. If [any allegations against

Newton] didn't follow that process, then they didn't follow the rules."

Newton enrolled at Florida in the spring of 2007 and transferred to Blinn College in January of 2009.

Per the source, no charges against Newton were ever brought to the Student Conduct Committee during that time.


source also indicated that no Florida football players have ever been

officially reported to the UF Student Conduct Committee for academic

violations during Urban Meyer's tenure.

According to the

source, student arrests are subject to additional discipline via the

Student Conduct Committee, but it is not uncommon for students in such

situations "to cut a deal with the Dean of Students' office before

coming to the Committee."

At the time of Newton's enrollment at

UF, if attempts to informally settle academic disputes failed, academic

violations issues were referred from the Dean of Students office to the

Student Conduct Committee, where a hearing chaired by a member of the UF

Honor Board would be conducted.

No charges against Newton, to the first source's knowledge, were ever sent to the UF Student Conduct Committee.


second, independently verified source, also with detailed knowledge of

the Florida student disciplinary system, took issue with Evans'

assertion that Newton, had he actually been charged with academic

misconduct, would have been in danger of expulsion. "I worked ten or

twelve cases," the second source says, "and I never saw anyone get


The second source, who also declined to be identified,

also says no charges regarding Newton were ever brought to the Student

Conduct Committee, noting, "If Cameron Newton would have come before

the committee, we would have known about it."

The second source also expressed indignation over the possible leak of student information to the media.

"That is completely confidential. We're not allowed to say anything to anyone.


person that was in charge of [students'] academic records is a very

ethical person. Someone like him would never have released anything."


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