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 I like the hard work the coaches have put in and the fact that they did not back off any players just because there was competition from UAT or UGA or LSU.   I like the buzz factor this creates because it puts the program in a good light.  I like the balance of the class -- lots of linemen.  

Signing Day is exciting -- these players have not yet --  missed an assignment, gotten a penalty in a crucial moment, dropped a pass when they were open, fumbled the ball, missed a tackle or had to sit out a season for grades.   But some of them will.  

They have not played a minute for AU yet.   Some will have great careers.   I hope all have good careers and stay out of trouble and win 40 + games for their time at AU.   Above that I hope that they take advantage of this time and  get a college degree.   

Pat Dye used to say he would tell you in 3 years how good this signing class was.  That is still true.  

WAR EAGLE -- welcome to Auburn.    






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