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"Travis Tidwell, Mailon Kent, Newton, Langner, Slack, Nix, Tre Smith"


1993, hard to believe it was 16 years ago.  We were actually supposed to beat the Tide in 1993.  It was the other 10 games we weren’t supposed to win.  I was fortunate enough to be back in the state that fall and able to get season tickets for the first time in ten years.  The UF game that year was the example of what an AU team can do when it has to.  I damn near jumped out of the upper deck to join the celebration with the students.  By the time nOVemBEr came around it was just a matter of “would the magic last”.  Everyone loved Terry Bowden (my how things have changed) and AU was rolling.   Now how does the 93 Iron Bowl fit in the “Auburn Can’t Win” category? 

We were down two scores at halftime, no big thing that year.  Then Stan White got things going and we were on our way.  Or were we?  I have never heard a quieter JHS than when Stan White didn’t get up after being sacked on third and nine inside the forty.  Stan had started 45 games.  45.  My kids had never seen another Auburn quarterback in action.  The hush that fell over that stadium that day as Patrick Nix found his helmet and came onto the field was depressed.  In 93 Stan White was the man we all hoped he would be when he came out of Berry High School.  Pat Nix had never played a meaningful down at AU and now we’re going for it on fourth and fifteen.  How could Auburn win now? 

Well, the rest as they say is history.  One of Jim Fyffe's five most remembered calls came when Nix hit Sanders.  A big run by Bostic to finish them off and 11 and Oh, 11 and Oh, 11 and Oh!!!!! I've always felt for Stan White because it’s the play after he was carried of the field that everyone remembers.  The magic lasted another nine games before the Terry Bowden magic turned downward in a spiral that was only temporarily delayed by Dameyune Craig.


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