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Tiger Jack ( on 10/3/2009 - 12:46 a.m. says: ( 506 views , 5 likes )

"I Was Wrong About Chizik"


I wanted to post this on the night before the Auburn-Tennessee game, not knowing if we will win or lose, or how we will play.

But, of this much I am certain - our players will play as a team, will hustle, and will play 4 quarters of football. That may sound simple enough, but it is more significant, at least to me, than one might think.

For the past 10 months, at least up until the week before AU's first game, I sported the "519" icon, openly said Chizik was a loser and was a naysayer about what I perceived the Malzahn offense to be. Further, I felt (and still feel) that Coach Tuberville was given a raw deal, though one he was well-compensated to endure. And, before I proceed further, I believe some mural should be placed on Jordan-Hare Stadium in Coach Tuberville's honor, as he did great things at AU, both on and off the field.

Now, back to my feelings of the past months regarding Coach Chizik, and my open mocking of him by using the 519 icon and many other barbs.

I don't necessarily regret this, as I feel - even now - that I had good reason to think those things. I didn't believe Chizik could forge a solid team, I didn't believe he could recruit, I didn't believe he could be a leader, and I didn't believe for a minute that Malzahn's offense could work at Auburn.

I now feel I was wrong. Many times I said that if I were proved wrong, I would happily come post that on this board. I feel that time has arrived.

And, I wanted this post to be before we know the outcome of the AU-UT game, as whether we win or lose will not change my opinion that Coach Chizik has proven that he is a leader, that (at least with verbal committments) he can recruit, that he can forge a team, and that the Malzahn offense can work at Auburn.

I realize that our first 4 games were not up to the competition we will face tomorrow night. But, I still contend that MSU is a better team and that West Virginia is a dangerous team, though not what it was with Pat White.

But, what I have seen in those first 4 games is an AU team with a new spirit - a new spirit that they can go out and beat anybody. They Believe.

I see an AU team that hustles for 4 quarters, that plays as a team, and is disciplined (albeit with still too many "False Start. Number 73. Offense.")

What Coach Chizik has done, in the face of what he must have known was opposition from many of us in the fan base, was to quietly spend the winter, spring and summer creating a team that put 2008 in the past and would not look back. He took freshmen and put them into the fire. I don't know how many new players we have worked into the rotation, but it must be considerable.

And, whether Auburn wins or loses tomorrow night, this team has great days ahead, for they are solid in spirit and discipline, and learn from each game.

Great days are once again ahead for Auburn, and the credit for this goes to Coach Chizik.

War Damn Eagle!

s goes to Coach Chizik.

War Damn Eagle!

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