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DBamaC ( on 1/14/2009 - 9:55 a.m. says: ( 240 views , 3 likes )

"This week is two years since Jeremy took his life."

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From time to time, I still receive messages from his mother and yesterday receive one asking for those of us who were friends of Jeremy to remember his family, and specifically his sisters, in our prayers.  Rather than restating what her message said, she gave me permission to simply paste it here.

" I wanted to ask thatyou keep my girls (Domenica and Makay) and myself in your prayers for the upcoming week.  It still feels only days ago at times and, yet, tomorrow is 2years. Please ask anyone you know who believes in the power of prayer to pray forus also. Will you send my request to the Wayne's Board people --especially forDomenica.  Eleven months after Jeremy, her best friend took her life.  Five months ago, my cousin took her life as well.  She and Jeremywere the first 2 grandchildren in our family. She was there at the ICU thatnight with us, wrote and read a beautiful poem at Jeremy's service and then choseto do the same thing. If God wants us to experience endurance as a family, wecertainly have done just that. Thank you very much, 

Jeremy's family, as well as so many families in the New Orleans area, continue to struggle with issues stemming from Hurricane Katrina.  Please keep them all in your thoughts and prayers.


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