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Tiger Jack ( on 12/3/2008 - 8:52 p.m. says: ( 276 views , 5 likes )

"WANTED: One Pawn"


* Must be willing to relocate.

* Must be willing to take orders from the sorriest son-of-a-bitch to ever sit on the Auburn Board of Trustees.

* Must be willing to tolerate Coach Pat Dye's interference, and to help steer pro prospects to Dye's son.

* Must be willing to allow Coach Raine to stroll the sidelines and "help" with the play-calling.

* Must be willing to pretend that AU has a real President and Athletic Director.

* Must win championships every year - just like Howdy Doody did when he played.

* Graduation rates, class attendance and a clean NCAA record desirable, but not necessary.

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