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"Travis Tidwell, Mailon Kent, Newton, Langner, Bostic, Sanders, Smith.."


First in a Series of "It Could Never Happen Until It Did" memories of Auburn teams that had no chance against the mighty tahd :


Tidwell, one of only two freshmen to ever lead the nation in total offense, pulled that feat in 1946. He also led the nation in total offense in 1949 and was Auburn's total offense leader until Pat Sullivan broke the record in 1971.

A quarterback in the T-formation, Tidwell led the Tigers to their first win over Alabama in more than 40 years. The two teams had discontinued play in 1907 and did not resume the series until 1948 when  Alabama hammered Auburn 55-0.  Auburn went into the 1949 contest a three-touchdown underdog.

With Tidwell at quarterback, Auburn stunned the Tide 14-13.   Tidwell said in an interview later in life that he went in on the extra point block team after the last Alabama touchdon and put the "hoodoo" on Ed Salem causing him to miss the kick.



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