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OrlandoTiger ( on 10/27/2008 - 12:00 p.m. says: ( 516 views , 6 likes )

"A dying horse."



A dying horse made me become an Auburn fan.

As a kid, I had been fully indoctrinated as a Bammer.  I had Bammer everything..jerseys, hats, Bear photos, etc..  My Dad took me to see the Tide at Legion field.  He did everything he could to brainwash me.  And it worked.  Almost.

My folks owned horses.  A few Arabians and several Tennessee Walkers.  When I was eight years old, I remember coming home from school and seeing a strange truck out by the barn.  It was a vet who was about to put my horse to sleep.  My horse had colic, was in agony, and fading quickly.  When my Mom broke the news to me, naturally, I went bat#badword#--crying, wailing, the whole nine yards--a total "Ol' Yeller" moment.

Seeing my reaction--the vet mentioned that he doubted our horse would survive the trip, but we could try to take the horse to the Equine Center at Auburn.  Who knows?  He said.  Sometimes they can do wonders.

I don't remember getting into the truck.  I hardly remember the drive.  I do however, remember sitting on an olive-colored couch in the main hall of the center crying.  I also recall the prettiest girl I had ever seen--a student, gave me a hug and shared her lunch with me while my parents were off speaking to the doctors.

I also remember them saving my horse.  He lived another 22 years.

So there's your answer.  That is how the 8-year-old, keds and toughskins jeans wearing, tear-stained-cheeked kid named Reynolds Wolf became an Auburn fan.

And no lousy football season will ever change that.  

War Eagle.  Always.


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