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Tiger Jack ( on 9/29/2008 - 11:54 a.m. says: ( 92 views , 10 likes )

"I Don't Think It Will Get 2 Years...."


If I had to guess, I would guess that CTT already regrets buying into "The System".

First, it has just turned out not to be his cup-of-tea, or even what he thought it would be. The CTF addiction to Todd is evident, and to be fair, Kodi has never had an entire game to himself, to show what he can do. That is a fact, and it is a fact that will continue to nag until Kodi is given that chance. The question on that score is not whether Kodi should prove whether he should get that chance - the real question is whether Todd has shown he should be the starter. Then, there is the running game. CTT loves power running, and I truly think he believed this scheme would enhance our running game. To the contrary, it has reduced it to nothingness. Then, there is the OL - I personally believe Hugh Nall has to hate this scheme, knowing it takes his solid players out of what they do best, run blocking. And, let us remember - if we do indeed rewind to August, it was CTF who was telling all of us how great this offense was, how many points it would put up, how dynamic it was. We believed him.

Second, and even more importantly, CTT knows all too well that his enemies - the enemies who can decide how long this goes on - are relishing this, as low as that reality is.

Let us remember - CTT has the same enemies on the BOT he had in 2003....Lowder, McWhorter (until February, then another Lowder pic will fill that slot, trust me on that), Byron Franklin, Jack Miller, Ol' Yeller....All but McWhorter's term end in 2011, with a one-year extension if a successor is not nominated and/or confirmed....That is why McWhorter's term, which ended last February, extends to this coming February - Gov. Riley never called the nominating committee together to select a successor, which lets you know where he is on this.

I can tell you that they are just waiting to "get even" with him (yes, in their convoluted minds, they are mad at CTT for their being exposed on the Louisville plane deal and for CTT making them pay up after the 2004 season).

This offensive scheme is playing right into their hands. They won't let this play out for 2 years. The once-daunting buyout of CTT's contract has been declining each year. It is no longer cost-prohibitive. That worries me greatly, as I want to see CTT stay at AU until he retires - that is how much I am loyal to CTT. Were I not loyal to him, I wouldn't be concerned with what I see as seeds of destruction and enemies at hand, waiting to pounce.

Anyone here who knows me, or has seen me post, knows how I feel about the ruling junta on that BOT. I find them despicable, sorry no good sons of bitches, not worthy of the positions they hold. These were the people, my friends, who were actively sitting in the Trustees box in 2003, pulling for bama to beat Auburn.

I've been there for Auburn for 46 years, and need not be reminded of what it means to be an Auburn Man - to be there for Auburn through thick and thin. To witness the valleys, as well as the peaks of Auburn football. I think everyone on this board has likewise been through these, and they need no reminders, either.

Believe me, I would love to see this offensive scheme work. I would love to see Chris Todd throw up stellar numbers this Saturday and for the running game to go North-South for hundreds of yards. I would love to see Todd get the ball off more quickly so the OL is not reduced to having to hold to keep DL from sacking Todd. It would be lovely. And, I am always hopeful, each and every week.

But, in the end, if you want CTT to remain at AU, and remain for life, you can't escape the reality that what CTF is doing is hurting CTT's chances of that. It is not worth one man's pride in his trademarked system to see CTT go down with this. Hence, CTT getting involved at an early stage (game 5) as regards more time for Kodi, and getting Fannin more involved (for example).

It's not about us giving this 2 years. It's about the greater good for Auburn, and I believe that the greater good for Auburn is keeping CTT, even if that likely means ditching this scheme at season's end, if not before.

CTT's enemies are real, and they are powerful. And, they are hell-bent on waiting for the opportunity to get him.

I am loyal to CTT. He has earned that much. That is precisely why I will continue to post here, urging him to get more involved in this offense - to the point of intervention.

Our offense has not played well.   It does not look like a major turn around on that score is likely.   But 

Auburn has a lot of talent.   Auburn has a young OL that will learn to play in the new scheme.   Auburn has a good solid D that will -- and has -- been the difference in close games.  

I am less than enamored w/ this new offense -- but Tub gets the benefit of the doubt due to his record at AU and his overall management of the program.   He gets at least 2 years to make this thing work w/o pressure to make changes.  

These players are very much more child than man in their emotions, mental toughness and life experience.   IMHO the most important invisible quality in a team is leadership from the players themselves.   Average teams play like good teams and good teams play like great teams when there are a few leaders that the rest will follow -- all of us could list those types of players from our memories.   (Best example in AU basketball is Bryant Smith on the 99 team.   Least talented player but most important player in the success of that team.)  It looks like AU is a year away from one or a few of those emerging.  

 This looks like a year w/ a minor bowl and some losses that we have not been used to in a while.  Time to see what sort of fans we are and to let JOE tells us about being an AU fan when the team was losing to Wofford and Tulane.   (I remember a lot of 6 - 4 seasons and losing to SMU, Memphis State, Wake Forest, Baylor, etc.)  

May be a great year at WHAB for recipes and consumer reports.

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