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ck ( on 7/4/2008 - 12:06 a.m. says: ( 211 views )

"the amazins movie..................."

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good stuff

don't know who made this, I found the link on the bunker.

Always wanted to make an AU running back video and put Shug's clip in there where he say's back's, run the football like a wild man. I think they cut that clip a little short according to the one I have. I so wish I had more time to do some.

Henley over the top, that looked familiar.


a camera man get smacked HUGE!

AU and UT, both wearing home colors, I think that was in Birmingham. I've noticed that in other videos I have, AU and UGA for one, late 60's

Gators wearing white at home.

Did he say a bench clearing brawl against UT Chatanooga or somebody? Seems like I remember one against Oregon along about 73 or 74 also, in Birmingham.

No footage of the Gator Bowl, big win over Colorado. First bowl game I ever attended.

I know there is some footage out there of it ....somewhere ;-)

Seems like I've never seen a state trooper on the sideline get excited about anything but a bammer score in an Iron Bowl video.



Got 12? Neither do you....

"It marks the first national championship for Alabama, which has a rich bowl tradition dating back to the 1920's, but the Crimson Tide finished second in 1945 and has been in the top 10 the last two years."----------Montgomery Advertiser, 12/10/61

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