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BoroTiger anonymous snipe artist ( on 12/8/2022 - 11:28 a.m. says: ( 34 views , 12 likes )

"The Auburn Creed"

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A friend of mine passed away this week after a battle with demintia / alzheimer's. He was a 1976 graduate of Auburn. When he and his family moved to Middle Tennssee we met at church, and as Auburn people do - we became fast friends. Doug's illness only got the best of him for a little over a year. He passed over the weekend. Saying Doug loved Auburn is an understatement, with that said his wife asked what would be a fitting tribute for his memorial service, to share his devotion. I thought on it - "fight song, alma mater, some high lights of TOUCHDOWN AUBURN"? Then the Creed came to mind. That is what we chose to end the service with.


War Eagle! Doug - you will be missed.

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were it not for grace.....

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