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WCD philosopher chef ( on 11/30/2022 - 11:00 a.m. says: ( 31 views , 8 likes )

"OK - hereis some input on the redemption/forgiveness thing"

*Forgiveness is always given.  It is unilateral and does not require the cooperation of the person who has wronged you.

*Reconciliation requires a measure of repentance.  It requires both parties in order to take place. If the offending party refuses to acknowledge that wrong was done then there can be no reconciliation.    

*Trust is earned and takes time. 

There is a lot of nuance and there are levels of complexity but those are the working definitions of the three dynamics in play w/ our situation.     


So -- borrowing an example used earlier.  We might personally forgive an un named former high office holder for his crimes/errors. But if there is no admission of guild then reconciliation does not move forward.  And if there is no pattern of behavior that warrants trust then that is not present either.  

This has application to family and friends in this season as well.  We forgive our Bammer brother in law for his rude and vulgar manner.  But reconciliation -- inviting him to our home -- and trusting him are not likely. 



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