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Master of_Pipettes johnny-clicker ( on 11/14/2022 - 9:29 a.m. says: ( 37 views , 12 likes )

"I don't know if Caddy should be coach . . . this is what I know . . . "

Gus started this long decay at Auburn when he didn't recruit an OL for about 4 years.  Was he a great CEO?  Hell nah.  Not doing that.  Gus was pretty good game day coach . . . and when facing Alabama he was a bad ass game day coach.  Was Harsin a great CEO coach?  NO!  He was like the worse burorats at the DVM . . . nasty people that don't look at you when they speak . . . waiting on a pay check.  Good riddance to that asshole.  Was Chiz?  No.  Was Tubs?  Probably the best we've had since Dye but just above average really.  Not sure the great CEO today is the same as the great CEO of yesterday given all the changes lately.

This is what I do know . . . I'm not ashamed to turn on the TV and watch a game even when we lose because it looks like everyone is sleep walking through the motions (and this was even before they started losing).  I believe and them kids believe Caddy is trying to win the damn game and put them in the best position to do it.  He might make a mistake but his mistake will be one of commission not omission.  Caddy is going to get their heart no matter if they are a 2 star or a 5 star.  He's going to believe in them.  He's going to fight for them.  He's going to fight for Auburn.  And I won't have to go to Auburn to slap that arrogant, smug look off his face while he does some stupid shit.

I don't know if he should be the next head coach.  Hell the jackwagons that run Auburn have done much worse.  When have they landed that big name coach even when, apparently, that coach wanted to come to Auburn?  This is what I do know.  Cadillac IS our coach.  And I #badword#ing love it!!!!  

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