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GENOABOY philosopher chef ( on 1/15/2021 - 3:00 p.m. says: ( 36 views , 11 likes , 4 m0nKey )

"You didn't miss anything. "

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I will now ask a political question - it is rhetorical - no response required

Before I get to the question, I seldom turn on the news - I don't do social media. Most of what I know comes from this board (no kidding). This morning in some dead time, I flipped through the news channels. I was struck that everyone was singing the praise of the police, I think these are the same people, who six months ago wanted them defunded, disbanded and some other solution implemented? Did I miss something?

The big question is: Am I for or against GENOABOY (does using Tops icon change the position)?


Democrats are all-of-the-sudden finding hero cops, demanding rioters be brought to justice, and saying the electoral process should be trusted after four years of saying Russia helped rig an election.

All the while, republicans are now critizing LEO's for shooting an unarmed person, justifying lawlessness, and whining about election results after spending four years calling the other side "snowflakes" for the same thing. 

Republicans couldn't handle Kapernick kneeling during the national anthem because how dare he disrespect a song and a flag,  but weren't too bothered with the freaking historic capitol building being broke into and looted. 

Democrats didn't seem to find anything sacred until  trumpers broke into the captiol building then all of the sudden it was hallowed ground. 

Both sides agree, however, that I wear TC's icon better than him. 



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