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"Giacomo Matteotti"

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The lounge has its extremes . . . but pay attention here . . .

'cause some live amongst you as well. ==============================

was an Italian socialist member of parliament. In 1924 he led a group of fellow party members to hold a parliamentary maneuver alleging voting irregularities in the recent elections. There were riots in Italy as the nation was very divided. The head of the Italian government, a former socialist himself who was expelled from the party because he was pro-war, demanded accountability for those members of the opposition on the basis that their rhetoric incited the riots. All members who voted to challenge the election were expelled as insurrectionists. 11 days later Matteotti was kidnapped and executed, the Prime Minister declared himself supreme leader several months later to ďheal the country and keep the peaceĒand Benito Mussolini was firmly in power.

All the things we see being called for, from declaring all (except for a hairs width) Republicans Nazis,terrorists and calling for the expulsion of any member of Congress or the Senate who questioned the election (which is their Constitutional right even if they are wrong) to advocating ruining the lives of anyone associated with Trump or the Republicans...(did I leave out public hangings?) those are all straight from the Fascist playbook. Anyone who studies history can see that. Those attitudes are as dangerous as anything Trump has done. I feel sorry for Biden because he is not the one calling for these actions but he will be under extreme political pressure to deliver on them...and I donít think he is strong enough to resist. They are making Bidenís job all that much more difficult. Because close to half the country does NOT agree with them.

Matteotti was my grandmotherís uncle BTW. She fled to America with her parents after his assassination.

So I pray to God those posting that crap do not mean it because if they do we are in for some very rough times in America

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