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BoroTiger cheeto-eatin dupe artist ( on 1/12/2021 - 10:20 a.m. says: ( 37 views , 5 likes )

"Boro is going to tell you a story"

Sometime back there was this guy who was the smartest dude in the room - all the time. Politicians hated him, religious people hated him, people of power and influence hated him too. He was not rich, nor powerful, he was not born into an influential family, he was plain, but man he was smart! Some of you may know where I am going with this story.

Some guys decided they would trip the guy up for sure, give him a little conundrum. The law was clear where this guy was from, if your wife was caught cheating on you with some other guy, you could kill her! Plain and simple. So they find this girl from a trailer park who had been spreading her love around cause Bubba, her man, was a piece - seldom worked, drunk most of the time and abusive even if Bammer won. So they round this girl up and head over to the place the guy was haning out and asked him what should be done?

  • If he says kill her - what kind of guys is he really? Life is vauable and it's a stupid law
  • If he says let her go, he either does not know the law are will not abide by it
  • If he said nothing it would mean he had no answer and thus was not as smart as everyone thought

So he looks at everyone and says "whichever one of y'all is perfect and never done anything wrong, can shoot her". Nobody stepped up, as a matter of fact they all left, starting with the old geezers.

Maybe some of us old geezers need to rememeber that we are not perfect, and are wrong about as often as right. This board is a good bunch of folks - I almost never leave without a smile, but we have turned the corner from good debate to bitter attacks. Take a moment and think before you press that poast message button.

I'm thinking when the COVID allows, Boro may make a WHAB road trip for Beer and Burbon time - I realize 3/4 of you are in Hobbes basement, so that should make it easy. But the older I get and the longer I hang out here, the more I realize I would like to put a face with name before we are gone.

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were it not for grace.....

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