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yt philosopher chef ( on 1/8/2021 - 8:34 p.m. says: ( 32 views , 10 likes , 1 m0nKey )

"Thank God we have Booty Faulk the Wise and Enlightened...."

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RE: WADR. Get over yourself...

Like ghandi I call a fascist a fascist and donít mince words.

You gonna excuse him itís what you are. Itís what you accept. Stop whining and embrace it.==============================

to tell us the difference between a real brown shirt and a righteous person who interrupts a gov't event by yelling at a representative and getting escorted out. Because the latter is clearly nothing like the former.

If you are going to pull this simple minded morality on Trump voters, have the decency to also call out those who buy iPhones or Apple products or Apple stock as they are actually supporting slavery. Do you have any Apple products? If so, you don't get to give treatises on how voting for Trump is an immoral act. Your purchases have been way more immoral.

What about food? Do you eat any food from a super market? Do you have any idea of the suffering you've caused with your purchases?

Before you start castigating people who cast an inconsequential presidential vote as immoral, you need to clean up your own house. And, just to save you some time, I'll tell you where that ends. It ends in Jainism and you realizing that, as long as you are breathing, you are causing suffering and the only way out of it is to starve yourself to death.

I get that you're self-righteous. You'll excuse the rest of us if we aren't all that impressed.

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