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"WADR, people paying attention for the last few decades to the slow slip..."

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WADR, people not paying attention, rationalizing, normalizing,

justifying, ignoring, etc the crazy behavior we have been seeing pretty much every single day over the past four years seem to be the most surprised by this.  To put any blame on those who paid attention and called him out is just plain wrong IMO.

This has been easy to see coming....except for those who thought people were being alarmist or had something called TDS.


away from federalism, the rise in executive power, the decrease of Congressional power, and the despotism of the two party state are not all that impressed by the new crusaders who woke up just yesterday when their particular despot unexpectedly lost to a con man.


In 1998 Richard Rorty predicted Trump. His theory was that America's abandonment of pragmatism would eventually lead to a strong man.


Back in the 1700s, some guy named George Washington predicted something like Trump would result from a two party despotism.


Those who continue to bow at the altar of one of the two parties and those who are absolutist in their political thinking are the problems.

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