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chemosabe anonymous snipe artist ( on 1/7/2021 - 8:02 a.m. says: ( 37 views , 9 likes )

"I agree with you"

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I started talking last night before I got the facts.

I purposely avoid the news and have done so for the past few years because of the rhetoric and bullshit. I think I've caught up with all the events now and can speak a clearer idea of what I want to say.

The people who violently protesting yesterday should be prosecuted. There was no reason for them to act like that. End of that.

I do agree that Trump didn't just handle this election poorly he handled it terribly, and that is too mild of course. But I also feel like the constant bombardment of anti-trump hysteria that his followers have had to endure for the past four years also played a part.  They also saw how protesters on the other side of the coin behaved this summer and I guess they felt like they had justification for what they did but doing it in our nation's capital inside of Congress was way over the line.

There's plenty of blame to go around for everyone involved in politics and Trump does shoulder most of the blame for what happened yesterday but I sincerely hope that while we address what happened we do not throw the baby out with the bathwater.  It's gonna be bad enough to have the Progressives is in charge of everything for the next four years, now I am afraid they're going to feel like it is their duty to root out anybody who does not believe as they do as a potential threat to America.


I am not a Trump supporter, mainly because I always saw him as an opportunist not a conservative and thought he would destroy the conservative movement, which he has.

That being said, I have been heavily criticized for not being anti-Trump enough...and for not joining in on the wacko progressive “alternative” to him.

I am afraid too many are missing what is really going on. Trump did not cause the disaffection of so many Americans and he did not radicalize them. Trump took advantage of their dissatisfaction. The underlying causes for their unrest is still out there. Trump’s danger is that he exposed how it can be used. Trump himself is too incompetent and stupid to capitalize on it, thank God. But the rioters yesterday were able to get access to the Capitol through cooperation of some of the DC police AND some came armed with flash and smoke bombs to create the havoc to break in. They were manipulated by more than just a speech. There is another puppet master who knows what they are doing pulling the strings.

Meanwhile, the underlying issues that make so many ripe for Trump’s message remain. Unfair taxation (yet still being told they are not paying their “fair share”), sloppy election procedures that leave doubt in the integrity of elections and being called “traitors” for simply questioning that sloppiness, biased media reporting, unreasonable unscientific lockdowns and restrictions on personal liberty and economic opportunity, “relief” bills that allocate more money to foreign powers than US citizens, the actions of governors to use the Pandemic as an excuse to literally shut down freedom of religion..the list goes on.

I was speaking with a relative in Germany last night. I told him that this is NOT the America that won WWII and brought justice and reconstruction to Europe and Japan. That America is gone. We are more like the Weimar Republic now, with bands of violent protestors on both sides and politicians promoting and defending them..with each act of violence escalating. For the first time in my life I wish I lived in another country. I don’t know if the US is salvageable. And I worry about what oppression in the name of “equality” or “security” the next four to eight years will bring us.

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