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BATJAC1 anonymous snipe artist ( on 1/4/2021 - 8:09 a.m. says: ( 16 views )

"Day 6 of the BATJAC COVID Hostage Crisis"

Still stuck in the basement.  Haven't seen the kids eye to eye since last Tuesday.  I use my cell phone to call upstairs.  Symptoms remain though still not severe.  Fever continues to come and with Tylenol go, sore throat is gone, lower back/kidney pain associated with fever is probably the worst symptom.  Trying not to take too much Tylenol as I have challenged my liver often enough over the years.  Blood O2 still in mid 90s and no chest congestion.  Have been walking laps in the back yard most days just to stay active.  My understanding is that the next 4-6 days will tell the tale.





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