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Aubiece philosopher chef ( on 8/31/2018 - 11:46 a.m. says: ( 22 views , 6 likes )

"Nut does not fall far from teh tree... His Great Grandpa was a tough cookie also"

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RE: Actually I don't think that is disappointing news . . .

if he has a stricture they need to know about it and fix it . . . that would literally gum up the works for any development and treatments.  Finding and fixing that is a good thing.

He also had a couple of inguinal hernias.... guess Im the one disappointed..being nurses, they take all this in stride..were hoping to have more definite assessment... medical team said the same thing- have to determine what the stricture issue is and determine a strategy...we should know something more when they go back.

Little man has been through a lot in his two years-  my son said he is going to be one tough cookie growing up.  yep.


as his Grandpa is...

Thanks for teh update BB,  we may not like your team, but we do like your grandson...

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