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Wayne philosopher chef ( on 8/27/2018 - 12:10 p.m. says: ( 45 views , 12 likes )

"Here's the thing about McCain . . . "

He was an honorable man.  I don't like him picking on Rand but Rand's a big boy.  I don't like Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb bomb Iran . . . but Iran's a big boy.  The only thing about him that I could, COULD, say something less than honorable is his familial relationships . . . which ain't none of my damn biz.

In all of his political public life . . . he was an honorable man.  I disagreed with him a lot.  But I respected him.  This is no light praise.  The number of honorable men that I respect in Washington could be counted on one hand . . . not that the world really gives a flying shit what I think.  But there you have it.

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