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ovar anonymous snipe artist ( on 8/25/2018 - 10:25 a.m. says: ( 12 views , 7 likes )

"I've always wondered what you were trying to type when you ended up with dabble. *"

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I AM CHANGING  my handle.

someone accused it of racism. 
I said: ..................ok.

will try out new handles until I find one that fits.

and during  ........................ me ponder this.

some entities are trying to insert EMBEDDED racism into us.

1. dirrerences made to be exaggerated in movies and song: hollywood & ny.
2. there is a lot of the devil's money creating disharmony: GROUP A fighting and beating GROUP B: live and on tv NOW!!!- how can we not develop some seeds of racism. they (the devil's money) want you to. they are trying to ALL THE TIME FOREVER B/C IT IS IN THEIR BEST ECONOMIC INTEREST.....friction and tension in our lives makes us more pliable.
3. easy to pick on others ( see - lazy joke writer syndrome. )
"ooh, look you are diferent. you don't like mayonaiise and you liek the mc rib....HAHAHAH. you are so different. lets have a misunderstading." *
4. dumb bravado of youth. esp: youth and men.
5. it is easier to paint in black than white. ( see - lazy human syndrome. )
MEH. &: * is that racist?


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