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"RE: Lemme translate the Ohio State press conference-"

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Lemme translate the Ohio State press conference-

“Dude, Meyer wins A LOT of football games. If you thought we were going to fire him, you are dumber than a box of wet hair. Yes, he is a lying scumbag, but we have a team that has a really good chance of making the CFB, so, yeah. And, oh yeah, #badword# Courtney Smith.  Go Buckyes!”


I am sure that the ten hours the BOT spent yesterday was split between debating the suspension and lawyers crafting their statements and coaching Smith and Urbs on how to answer questions.

Urbs was disgusting, truling deplorable. He read his statement like he was being held by ISIS. He probably thinks of himself as a victim.

It is clear to me that Urbs does not think that he has a boss. In his world, he is the boss. BTW, that is not unique to tOSU.

How hard would it have been to say-

"First I want to apologize to Courtney Smith. I should have been a better friend to you. If anything I did, and I imagine there is, resulted in you being further abused either mentally or physically, I sincerely apologize.

I am a football coach and I am paid to win games, games that our players want to win and games that our fans want to win. Sometimes in this drive to meet the lofty expectations of everyone involved, we focus 100% on football to the detriment of others involved.

I knew of Zach Smith's reported abuse in 2009 at Florida and met with him to encourage him to seek help.

I knew of Zach Smith's reported abuse in 2015 at OSU and met with him and Courtney to encourage him to seek help.

Shelley told me that Courtney was being abused and I ignored it for the most part. Shelley, I let you down by not being a better husband.

I wanted Zach on my staff when I joined Ohio State. I did not tell Gene Smith about the 2009 abuse because quite frankly I feared that Gene would not allow me to bring Zach on board. Gene, I apologize to you. I let you down by not being a better employee and putting you in a tough position.

I accept the BOT's punishment. Punishment is used to teach a lesson and to ensure that bad behavior is not repeated. I have asked our President to put together a program for all faculty including coaching staffs that address dometic abuse so that this does not happen again at OSU.

I have asked that my salary for the 3 gams be donated to local Women's Abuse Charities. In addition to my salary, Shelley and I are donating an additional $2M to these charities. This is not to buy my way out of this situation, but rather is a sincere and tangible effort on my part to demonstrate my concern for those who suffer from domestic violence."

Thanks for you time and again, I am truly sorry for not being a better coach, husband, friend, and man.

Now, I will stay here as long as you have questions for me.



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