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WAR DAMN_EAGLE philosopher chef ( on 3/6/2018 - 3:31 p.m. says: ( 26 views , 5 likes )

"I'm not saying I agree with them. "

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Yeah, but we got no good players and a 2nd rate coach, yet tied them *


To me, Jared Harper is the MVP of the league; there's no one player more valuable to his team than Harper. Also, what Pearl has done given the circumstances can't be denied. We opened the season with a loss to D-II Barry on the day it was announced Purifoy and Wiley were out indefinitely and Pearl manages to get the team to coalesce around this "us against them" and ride it to a wire-to-wire SEC championship. Also, if any of the motivation of the "4-14" was wearing off, this snub will certainly be helpful to refocus and motivate the team for the postseason. Fook 'em in the left ear!

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