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Wayne philosopher chef ( on 3/1/2018 - 10:36 a.m. says: ( 56 views , 9 likes )

"I agree with your sentiment here but . . . "

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So, what would the GOP response be...

if Obama had suggested taking people's guns without due process?==============================

Due process is dying in a bunch of places.  Obama droned bombed 16yo boys without due process.  Summary execution is perhaps the greatest abuse of due process there is . . . except maybe when Bush had people tortured without due process.  Or when all three keep men caged like animals in Gitmo without due process (after torturing them of course).  Or maybe when FDR rounded up 100s of thousands of people and held them in camps without due process.

Besides FDR these all occurred in the lifetime of most of us . . . yet the differential hue and cry depending on which asshat's party affiliation dumps on due process is staggering.

Phuck 'em all in the left ear.

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