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"Alex had his six month check out Friday at Childrens in the Ham..."

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weight wise he is in 60 percentile- 21lbs...has gained 7 pounds since starting new formula in October


height wise he is only in 20 percentile- will see endocrine specialist this spring to see if he has hormomal issue


PT team said motor skills excellent-  should be saying more words and gave them a program to start working with him


They had planned on taking Alex to GI specialists in Atlanta last November, to determine how much of his intestines actually work, because that team is the best...BUT insurance wont cover it and is 4-6K..Children's getting a top specialist and they will get him in once the doctor gets settled in. Children's will cover all or most of the cost.


Good news is he is down from 4 extensive feedings a day through his chest tube, down to 3, so he has extra time when he is disconnected. Bladder still only about 40% finction and they still cather daily.


Just turned 18 months......and still hates the barn. 

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