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GENOABOY philosopher chef ( on 2/22/2018 - 10:40 p.m. says: ( 43 views , 9 likes )

"Rule number one of responding to an active shooter at a school /being an SRO"

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Resource officer in Broward wouldn't enter the building, stood outside

Where did the cop at pulse night club go? Supposedly he retreated after engaging and realizing he was outgunned. Good guys with guns may be hightailing it. If you think there is going to be a gunfight bring a gun but if you know there is going to be a gunfight bring a rifle. The bad guys know. Maybe its time for Americans to get used to cops with rifles? Would the cops be braver?

And didn't law enforcement at all levels let these kids down.==============================

Find the active shooter and neutralize them. You don't render first aid, you don't check on casualties,you don't take a position, you don't wait for backup, you go right into the fire fight, and do your job.

I'm not one to comment much on LEO post, because I don't like to judge when I wasn't there, and most of the time there's more to the story than reported.

But unless Broward County is dangerously behind on their training methods, (and I doubt they are) he knew better. Crying shame. I'd rather get shot and die than have to live with knowing I could have saved lives and chose not too.

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