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""I don't care if you're from some inner city near Miami Florida . . . "
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Totally agree with Coarch Pearl here

"This team is trying to make history, we got a long way to go, but I can't deny that's it's not - what we're seeing is rare," Pearl said. "This combination of grit, determination, resiliency, family, it's all right here. I just know that it's also rubbing off. It's going to rub off on campus. It's going to rub off in the classroom. It's going to rub off on baseball and softball, just like the way the football team rubbed off on us.

"Enjoy this, because it doesn't happen very often."


or from some farm town way out in Arkansas . . . or from right here on the red clay . . . you chose Auburn . . . and that makes us family"  Great Auburn Philosopher.
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