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Caveman anonymous snipe artist ( on 2/20/2018 - 7:43 a.m. says: ( 35 views , 8 likes )

"If boys are broken it is due to the fact they have been punished for being boys"

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USA Today asking "are boys broken"

Toxic masculinity. Yeah right. The problem isn't enough masculinity. Real fathers raising boys, throwing a baseball, football, helping with homework, yes, going hunting and fishing with the kids. If gun violence is a male problem I wonder what the stat is for males without strong fathers (or father figures) in their life?


Starting with schools, boy behavior, aggression, compettiveness and the need for higher activity has beeen punished. Boys need to fight, boys need sports, boys need outlets for difficult physical activity. We have systematicly attacked all the behaviors which boys need for healthy development. We drug them into compliance and wonder why they lash out. It is sad but may be true we have broken boys. 

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