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"Al Borges just sat in The Bean and had coffee and breakfast casserole."

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It was really cool talking with him. We talked about the '04 team as well as the current group. We talked about all the good running backs he had here. I called Carl Stewart "The king of the wheel route". He laughed and said that was a good one and probably true. Too bad we couldn't have used him as a slot receiver.

I asked about Malik Willis. Al says he is an incredible talent. He says he has as good or better arm than Stidham just needs to improve on footwork and fundamentals. He also believes Stidham is as good or better than the 3 QBs he had that played in the NFL. Thinks he will be a first rounder. 

He is itching to get back "in the grass" doing actual coarching. Has an interview tomorrow for a spot.

Nice guy. Said his four years here as OC were his best years in coarching. When Chip moves on I hope Gus will consider him and told him so. He said he wouldn't mind that at all.

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