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BATJAC1 anonymous snipe artist ( on 12/27/2017 - 3:43 a.m. says: ( 39 views , 8 likes )

"Today's War Eagle moment...from sunny Southern California.."

The family and I are in Los Angeles on was Disneyland Day.  We drive 45 minutes from Hollywood to Anaheim and park in the mother of all parking decks.  Down the escalators we go and at the bottom are four policemen with dogs.  Two walk away as we descend, obviously looking for minorities to shoot.  The other two are standing with their "Working Dogs Do Not Pet" canines sniffing around seriously violating peoples' rights.

I have always tried to make eye contact and nod to working officers whenever I pass them.  Not sure why I started doing it but it seems I have for 40+ years.  I think it is partly to show respect, partly to share something of a brotherhood of service, and partly to show I ain't doing nothing wrong.  Anyway....

I'm wearing my 2013 AU lucky hat that lost its mojo in 2014/15/16, found it again against uga and bammer this year, then lost it again in the SECCG.  I have established "eye contact and nod" parameters with the two officers when one of them offers a hearty "War Eagle".  I respond appropriately and his partner says, "Our dogs came from Auburn".  I responded with "All the best things do" and a laugh and wave was shared by all.  AU is one of the foremost trainers of police and military working dogs and that is something we should be proud of.  Really felt good as we boarded the tram with the minions.

Earlier in the week we were at the Griffith Observatory when a couple started yelling "Auburn, Hey Auburn" and I turned around to look at them.  They wanted my picture with the Hollywood sign because their son is currently a student at AU, and they wanted to send the pic to him to prove they found an AU guy even out here.

It's been an interesting week here in the "Other LA" and I have exprienced nothing but courtesy from everyone, even those who ask "Where are you visiting from?" and when they hear "Alabama" seem compelled to say "row tahd".  A quick response get's around to "weren't you guys out here a couple of years ago?"  Had one guy thank me for taking out bammer for the rest of the world.  It's been a blast.


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