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BoroTiger cheeto-eatin dupe artist ( on 12/24/2017 - 4:06 p.m. says: ( 40 views , 15 likes )

"My boys are excited beyond measure to get started on our Christmas Eve"

tradition. Three years ago after my Mother passed, we really had nothing to do for the first time in our lives. So we decided to give each of the boys a C note, head to a grocery store, and let them buy groceries for folks (less fortunate than us).

Well let me tell you, this is not easy! First we found out that you have to go to a store in the right part of town. 2nd, my boys are serious about finding people that really need a hand. Got a Starbucks cup in your cart - DISQUALIFIED; Cart full of junk food - DISQUALIFIED, and the list goes on. But when they find the ones they are looking for, it is GOOD!

The little elderly lady that could not understand why my son wanted to buy her $12 order and he simply said, it's Christmas. The weary Dad with the 3 dirty kids who went to the meat counter and asked for the biggest cheapest piece of meat the butcher could give him - then broke down and cried when my 11 year old stepped up and paid his bill. The lonely retired pastor and his wife with little to nothing, but joyful and thankful for the gift of a young man.

So we are out the door to Christmas Eve service, then on to the store to see if the boys can get rid of there money before the store closes.

Merry Christmas folks - this community is a blessing to me.

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were it not for grace.....

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