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"Thinking about my father and Christmas season reminds me of a story. . ."

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One Christmas eve back in the 90s I was visiting my parents at their house in York, AL and my dad asked me to help him out. We walked outside and I saw that his little pickup truck was full of brown paper grocery bags which had food and toys in them. There must have been 20 bags. Dad told me that we were going to play Santa. We drove to the poorest area of York and dad and I would deliver bags to needy families. It was quite rewarding. 

A couple of years ago, I was reading my Uncle Karl's book "Moments to Remember." I recall that he wrote about. . .guess what? Yep. .how his father(my grandfather) would drop off food and toys to needy families during Christmas season.

I posted this story on Facebook and one of my late father's 1st cousins repleid that her father, my great uncle, did the exact same thing. Apparntly my great-granfather and his wife encouraged their sons to give to those that are needy. Now it is my turn.

Now, that's a real Tradishun!

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