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GENOABOY philosopher chef ( on 12/6/2017 - 2:03 p.m. says: ( 44 views , 10 likes , 11 m0nKey )

"Dude, Bama actually caused you to discontinue some viewer programming?!"

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espn has killed one of my loves.

i am really disappointed in college football. this year for Auburn was great. beat bama. always a treat.

but them getting in without winning thier conference. not even in title conference game, seems very inappropriate. thier oponents winning percenatge was very low. yet they are in. againt clemson. gee imagine that.

and it struck me as play doesn't matter so much anymore. i think the slectors chose that match up as it is highly marketable. redux..... It's like the comitte doesn't care about anything but tv ratings and tshirt sales. it is offensive to me.

i usually get sling with espn and sec package for college football season of 4 months - but this is my last year. icancled this am - don't care about bowls. the bcs has made them a third shelf prodcut. i got more things to do that watch nd - ohio state in a bowl game (or whatever - haven't looked this year. i know we play icf - who will get slaughtered.)

i am going to rabit ears only now. espn has killed one of my loves.


Gosh all mighty damn,I think that means we just won another national title

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