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Hobbes philosopher chef ( on 12/1/2017 - 2:17 p.m. says: ( 33 views , 13 likes )

"I think that justice should be done by awarding Bama national championships"

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Ole Miss ruling combined w/ UNC ruling show an interesting picture.

I bet SMU is having a melt down -- those who remember their case.  

AU got sanctions, bowl bans, TV ban for a year and more for 1/10 of the Ole Miss stuff.  

NCAA has a 'ready' file of sternly worded letters and they are not afraid to use them.   


for all the years that they were hit harder than Ole Miss, all the years that Ole Miss has been and will be on probation, all the years that Ole Miss either beat Bama or beat the spread.

Then, and only then, justice will rain from the heavens themselves, like rain.

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